About Monroe County Democrats

The Monroe County Democratic Party basically consists of two groups. Both actively promote the ideals of the Democratic Party and work vigorously to elect Democratic candidates to office.

The first local Democratic organization is the Monroe County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC). The MCDCC is made up of only 37 Monroe County residents. These are our county's 37 Democratic precinct committee people in the county. The committee people are elected by Democrats in the 37 precincts that make up Monroe County. The MCDCC provides the overall leadership for the Democratic Party in Monroe County on issues like election strategy, who to endorse in elections, and local Democratic fundraising and campaign financing.

Our second Democratic organization is the Monroe County Democrat Club. Any resident of Monroe County can join the Democrat Club for a small annual fee. Attending monthly club meetings is a great way for Democrats to meet like-minded citizens and their local Democratic officeholders and candidates. Club meetings are also a great way to learn about issues affecting county residents as well as issues affecting people across the country and the world. The Democrat Club also participates in various fundraising activities to help support Democratic candidates and causes.

The MCDCC and the Democrat Club work closely together to help elect Democratic candidates, inform citizens about important issues, and promote Democratic values-and they do all of this in a way that is fun for everyone who participates.
Click here to inquire about joining the Monroe County Democrat Club.