Take Action

The number one reason visitors come to sites like this one is because they are at least thinking about taking action.  Whether the action they have in mind is becoming more aware of political activities in Monroe County or it's volunteering with Democratic political candidates, chances are they come here looking for ways to do something.
The good news is that there are LOTS of actions you can take that start with a visit to this site.
Stay Informed - Here you can sign up to receive our e-newsletter.  This helpful e-publication is created to keep you informed about what's happening with Monroe County Democrats AND Democrats everywhere.  It's something you won't want to miss if you're interested in upcoming events or if you want to see what's happened on the site that you might not have seen.  After all, we update site content regularly... you may very well have missed something if you don't check back a few times a week.
Spread the Word - We've provided instructions on how you can share pages of this site you think might be of interest to others.  With a few clicks, you can send whole pages of www.monroecountydems.com to friends, family members, and neighbors.
General Voting Information and Register to Vote - While complete voting information is available at the Illinois State Board of Elections website, we've put together some basic information for you here.  You can even complete a voter registration form through a link on the Register to Vote page if you're a first time registrant.
Volunteer - This is where you can REALLY make a difference.  Volunteering with the Monroe County Dems is a great way to get involved with the Democratic party while at the same time connecting with neighbors sharing your interests.  Tell us what you're interested in doing and we'll be in touch to discuss how you can become involved.
Donate Now - Provides an opportunity to set-up a one-time or ongoing donation to the Monroe County Democratic Central Committee. The funds would be used to support and promote Democratic candidates throughout the county. Act Blue provides this service to the party. Additonally tickets for raffles and to events are also available through this site.